Thanks to the warm support of our clients, we are in our twelfth fiscal year since the foundation of SusA.

In the beginning, the majority of our customers were my own former clients. Satisfied with SusA’s services, they kindly introduced us to other corporations, which had been facing the same types of challenges. Many thanks to their loyalty, the number of our clients has progressively grown and we are charged with many important missions today.

SusA provides a wide range of services, from formulating a mid-term CSR strategy to improving corporate ESG scores by external assessments. This fiscal year, our assurance services started on a solid footing, and we have provided assurance to non-financial information with eight companies.

With your guidance and encouragement, we hope to continue contributing to sustainability, a keyword that incites positive innovation in society and the internal management systems of corporate groups.


Takashi Fukushima, C.P.A.
September 2017